Light Bubble’s supervision work is underpinned by Person Centred theory however, other theories might be integrated to meet your needs and that of your client.

Our core model creates a strong base where you can be authentic, learn, develop and grow in a holding, empathic and non-judgmental environment. We collaborate with you in all aspects of the supervision work; administrative, reflective, parallel process, learning, reparative, creative and developmental.

 Our supervisory work is inclusive, providing a platform where you can talk, reflect, ask questions and learn more about diversity (cultural, ethnics, social, religious, sexual orientation, physical or mental abilities, to name few).

Our supervision work is based on the 7 Eyed Model theory, which allows us to focus on each individual and each relationship involved in the therapeutic work.

One of the other theories that we may use is from the psychodynamic theory of defence mechanisms and occasionally from transference and countertransference between client and counsellor. It is important for these phenomena to be recognised as if they are not it can stop the work with the client from progressing.

Supervision is the place to identify what is happening in the sessions and if necessary the supervisee may be advised to take any countertransference issues that may arise to their own therapist.

You will have the space you need to process and develop your self-awareness, awareness of your way of working, awareness of your relationships and the mirroring which can take place between supervisee – client relationship and Supervisor—Supervisee relationship.

 We use the Developmental Model to monitor and facilitate the supervisee’s growth.

We also provide group supervision for our supervisees, including students.

Our state of mind impacts the well being of body Claudia L founder of Light Bubble Counselling

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