We provide Sophrology in one to one and group sessions either face to face or online.

What is Sophrology?

Sos: Harmony

Phren: Mind (thoughts, contemplation)

Logos: Science (of words, of the reason)


Sophrology is a psychophysical method which is exclusively verbal, no touching is involved.

It is a set of breathing techniques, muscle relaxation and mental imagery that will simultaneously act on the mind and the body.

These exercises help to raise awareness of the body and the mind in a very gentle way.

It teaches us to live in the present time; here and now, mindfully.


It is Mindfulness with a boost button!.

Sophrology helps to regain a state of internal well-being and activate its potential.

We use Sophrology alongside counselling to offer a holistic approach to access inner resources, to self-heal, self-motivate, improve inner strength, resilience and concentration.

Those exercises can be used by anyone, anywhere and at any time.

We create a personalised therapeutic protocol  adapted to suit your needs

Session length: 1 hour

Fee per session: £50

We abide to the Covid-19 health and safety rules.

I believe that our experiences do not determine how we should be, but contribute to our growth as an individual (Claudia.L – Founder of LightBubble Counselling ).

Limited concession available for those with low income. Please ask for more information.

Sophrology in Colchester